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VIP Club

Immerse yourself in the ultimate VIP club experience at Hollywood’s #1 Nightclub!

Discover the luxury of our VIP club tables and exceptional bottle service.

Indulge in the energetic ambiance and top-notch hospitality that awaits you. Besides VIP rentals, be aware we offer fantastic private rental space & corporate media venue options.

Bottle Service Hollywood

Uncover the secrets of bottle service and the art of VIP table service, ensuring you have the most incredible VIP experience.

Academy LA is known for top-notch service and exclusive bottle service experiences. Looking for things to do in Hollywood?

Get ready to be entertained by energizing music performances, by A-list EDM show artists and DJs that keep the building electric all night long. All from the private view of your own VIP table.

Experience the Hollywood bottle service party lifestyle in its truest form, while creating unforgettable memories in the heart of Hollywood.

VIP Club Tables & Bottle Service

Experience luxury with our VIP club tables and exceptional bottle service. Indulge in the lavish ambiance and impeccable hospitality at the best night club in Hollywood.

Indulge in exclusivity and VIP treatment as you enjoy the comfort and prestige of our carefully curated VIP tables.

From prime location to personalized service, we ensure that every moment is tailored to exceed your expectations. Contact our rental team for private parties and rental events at our Hollywood private venue.

Let our knowledgeable staff provide enthusiastic bottle service, ensuring a seamless and memorable club VIP table service experience.

Elevate your night out with our unmatched nightclub table-bottle service, and immerse yourself in a world of VIP in the heart of Hollywood.



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